Boys - Week of April 10
Since the last blog we have played three games.  Two of these opponents, Rockland (15-3) and Ashland (19-3),  are teams that we are intending to compete with better at the end of the season.  Bellingham (12-9), which was the second of the three games, proved to be an opponent much closer to our  present level of growth.   

Rockland and Ashland both came out and scored early and often before we were able to get our legs under us.  We will see both teams later in the season and will strive to be more competitive from the start of the game.   

The Bellingham game was very close from the beginning  of the game until about midway through the fourth quarter.   We were able to score the first goal with freshman attackman Dean Santangello's first goal of the season.  Bellingham found the net to quickly tie the score.  We spent the rest of the next two quarters going ahead by one goal and allowing them to tie the score.  Finally in the forth quarter, Joe Weber scored to put us up by two goals.  Then Shaun Murphy found Josh Fuller for the assisted goal that put the game out of reach with 2:22 left in the game.  

Tuesday we travel to Northbridge.   

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